L U Z O N - B A N A U E
    Getting away:

  • Manila - Banaue: There are a lot of Bus transportion companies in Manila which offer a scheduled service to Banaue. You will find nearly all companies at the Cubao Terminal in the north-east of Manila. But I took the Florida Liner (450 PHP - one way), which is located Earnshaw Street, Sampaloc. The busses of Florida Liner are in a good condition, but you should be weared in warm clothes - it is really cold inside the bus!
    Florida Liner Terminal at Sampaloc
    Florida Liner Terminal at Sampaloc, Manila
    Getting around:

  • You can take a tricycle to get to the several view points, but if to see more of the terraces and to get more information about, than you can book a guide (1000 PHP - 1250 PHP per day - 2009). The guide will bring you to some hidden places on a hike, which takes from 3 hours up to 3 days! I booked this guide:
    Jordan Agustin,
    Patilong, View Point,
    Banaue, Ifugao
    3601 Philippines
    E-Mail: gano72@yahoo.com
    Mobilphone: 0915-1197962
    Jordan Agustin
    The Banaue guide Jordan Agustin
    Sight Seeing:

  • Rice Terraces - UNESCO World Heritage: These terraces are 2000 years old and are really amazing to see. If you know, that these terraces are "handmade", than will you pay much more respect to the builder of these terraces than ever before... .
    Wikipedia - Banaue Rice Terraces
    Banaue Rice Terraces

    Banaue Rice Terraces

  • I was accommodated in Banaue in the People's Lodge & Restaurant, a small and valueable accommodation (650 PHP - Terrace View ;) ), which is located in the center of the city Banaue. There is a nice view around Banaue from the terraces at the floors, clean rooms, a really good cuisine und friendly hosts. But however you hear the sound of the river in this house. Earplugs for the night are recommended!
    People's Lodge & Restaurant
    People's Lodge & Restaurant
    People's Lodge & Restaurant
    People's Lodge & Restaurant